Party Hack: How to Build a Grazing Board

For some time now, grazing tables and grazing boards have become ALL the rage. The beautiful arrangement of fruits, different varieties of cheeses, sweet confections and even all veggie or plant-based boards, have inspired foodies to start creating their own culinary masterpieces! And of course, I wanted to provide my top 5 tips on how to build a delicious grazing board/table that your guests will absolutely love and enjoy eating. First things first, you need a good quality charcuterie (meat & cheese board) board that is food-safe.
Your board doesn’t have to be super fancy or expensive, but it should match the themed event you are building your board for. Personally, I have done grazing boards on wooden & marble surfaces so that the food I was adding to the board was able to shine. Try and pick a neutral, calm colored board so that you the color scheme you are building is able to shine through.

If you are ready to learn how to build a grazing table, keep on reading!

Chakayla’s Top 5 Tips on How to Build a Grazing Board:

1. Create a Color Scheme: If you truly want your board to shine, then you need to start thinking of the colors you want to feature. Are you going monochromatic, ombre or super colorful and bright? Once you establish your color scheme, then it will be much easier to build your color-coordinated grocery list.

2. Add Living Props: Create colorful, artistic perspective by adding fresh (or dried) flowers and plant-life to your board. Not only does it give your board a unique look, but it will make you board even more appealing to the eye.
3. Mix sweet and savory treats: Give your guests some sweet and savory options! You never truly know what each of your guests like, but help tempt their taste-buds by adding on yummy treats like brie cheese & apricot jam or sea-salted cashews paired with a chocolate truffles, you can even do hard salami (or pepperoni) with dried/candied fruits. The sky is truly the limit. And think of classic food pairings that you just can’t do without, cheese & crackers, grapes and cheese, bagels and cream cheese. 
4. Grapes & Cheese Are A Must: Honestly, what’s a party without a colorful plethora of grapes and the tasty, savory, smooth and/sharp flavor of cheese? Don’t stop there, find some tasty wine pairings that would go well with cheese and grapes.
5. No Negative Space Allowed: Fill your space with yummy goodies, ensuring that there is no negative space or blank spots. Take the time to see how full your board is and add on yummy treats to fill in space. 
Are you feeling confident? I know you are! I can't wait to see how your yummy grazing tables come out. Tag me on Instagram with your delicious creations,