Spyce Trifecta Bundle

Spyce Trifecta Bundle

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Our Spyce Trifecta Bundle highlights the end of our very first spice blend collection: The Zodiac Spyce Collection. This bundle includes 3 bottles, 8oz bottles of our final spyce blends. Enjoy crazy delicious flavors that you only have to unscrew, season and cook with love.

Curious about what comes inside this bundle ...

1. Sagittarius Spyce [spicy ginger pepper]

About Me: I am an unexpected explosion of spicy flavor highlighted by delicious flavors like ginger, garlic, crushed red pepper and fresh dried herbs. 

Works Great On: Grilled, roasted or sauted meats and veggies of all kinds. Our favorite is smoky, grilled chicken thighs! 

2. Libra Spyce [Cha's Herb Blend]

About Me: I am a beautiful blend of herbal decadence. Our Spyce Mixtress, Chakayla, loves the amazing flavors of lavender, mint, lemon balm, chives, parsley and MORE! When they come together, they create a bold, savory flavor that works amazingly on anything you put it on. 

Works Great On: Any and everything that needs a delicious herby punch of flavor! P.S. Our favorite way to use this blend is in fired roasted potatoes and sticky, honey BBQ wings.

3. Cancer Spyce [spiced sugar]

About Me: I am sugar, spice and everything (delicious) and nice! Switch out your regular ol' sugar for our delicious spiced sugar, highlighted with fragrant (and punchy flavors) of cinnamon, clove & a surprisingly sweet, savory addition of dark chili.

Works Great On: Desserts, lattes and coffee. This beauty also makes a wonderful oatmeal topping! 


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