Zodiac Spyce Bundle (13 Bottle Set)

Zodiac Spyce Bundle (13 Bottle Set)

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Get the complete Zodiac Spyce Collection! All 13 spyces have been fan-favorites among our Spyce Tribe! Here are the Spyces that come inside your bundle:

1. Sagittarius: Spicy Ginger Pepper

2. Libra: Cha's Herb Blend

3. Cancer: Spiced Sugar

4. Pisces: Seafood Spice Blend

5. Virgo: Creole Spice Blend

6. Jerk: Caribbean Jerk Blend

7. Capricorn: Seasoning Salt

8. Aries: Garlic Herb Blend

9. Gemini: Multipurpose Spice

10. Taurus: Herb Salt

11. Aquarius: Sweet Heat Blend

12. Leo: Savory Chocolate Blend

13. Scorpio: Herbdobo Blend