Chakayla's Stewed Chicken Wings

One of Chakayla's favorite things to create is a multipurpose spice for any cooking needs her customers may have. And here we have it ... Capricorn, a tasty riff on a classic staple: Seasoning Salt. This recipe takes some time to do, so we suggest making it when you have some free time to dabble and experiment with this tasty recipe. 



1 pack of chicken wings

fresh cilantro

lemon (sliced)

lime (sliced)

orange (sliced)

2 roasted garlic cloves (roast in a foil packet on 375 for 10 minutes)

1 chopped tomato

1 chopped white onion

2 cupfuls of white vinegar

1 tablespoon of Capricorn

Onion powder

Garlic powder


Cooking Preparations

1. Place chicken wings in a large bowl and cover with luke warm water, followed by your vinegar, lemon/lime/orange slices. Scrub and clean chicken very good by scrubbing them with the fruit slices, as well as cutting off any extra fat and yellow skin on the chicken. For more advice on how to clean chicken, click here: Chicken Cleaning 101 

2. Once chicken wings have been cleaned, pat dry and chop wings in 3 pieces, as if you were chopping them to make hot wings. If you are unfamiliar with how to chop chicken wings in this method, please take a look at this very helpful video. 

3. After chopping your wings, it is best to pat them dry before seasoning. Season your chicken liberally with all listed seasonings, including Capricorn Spyce.

4. Heat about 1 ½ to 2 cups of vegetable oil in a deep bottom pot on medium heat. Fry your wing bits until golden brown. Allow chicken to drain excess oil on top of a folded paper towel.

5. After frying wings, dump reserve oil out of the pot and rinse well with warm water to get rid of any burnt pieces. DO NOT SCRAPE the bottom of your pot, you want to make sure that that nice brown layer of goodness stays intact, so that it can flavor and color your stewed chicken.

6. Add a ½ tablespoon of clean vegetable oil (or olive oil) to your pot to saute chopped onion, tomato and cilantro. Add chicken pieces back into your pot [once onion & garlic are tender and fragrant], along with enough warm water to cover the bottom half of your chicken. You do not want to drown your chicken in water [you will end up with boiled instead of stewed chicken]. And of course, do not forget to mush your roasted garlic into the pot. Stir to ensure that your chicken is catching the goodness of all the ingredients in your pot. Allow your chicken to stew on medium heat for 30 minutes.

7. Once your chicken is fork tender and falling off the bone, thicken your “pot liquor” (or the juice your stew has created) with 1 cup of flour and ½ water. You want to make sure your thickening agent is nice smooth and thick.

*If it is too loose, then you must add a touch more flour and if it is too thick, add in a bit of water to create a smooth mixture. Stir your stew until it is has reached your desired thickness.

8. Serve your stewed chicken over white rice and accompany with your favorite veggies. Enjoy!