Meet Chakayla

Chakayla J. Taylor is a self-taught chef who uses the healing properties of food to create safe-spaces for creatives to connect and build in a delicious, unconventional way. She has created a brand focused on helping dynamic people create stability and purpose in their professional, entrepreneurial and personal lives.

As the founder of The Power Plate, an intimate dinner series she started in her home, Chakayla enjoys providing nourishment in the form of food, drink and positive conversation. Founded in October 2018, The Power Plate has served as a creative extension of her entrepreneurship and business studies at her alma mater Wake Forest University, along with a Life Coach certification she earned in 2016.

Chakayla’s culinary aesthetic is inspired by fresh produce, seasonal ingredients and international seasonings. She truly enjoys going into her kitchen and producing comfort foods anyone would enjoy:

I knew I loved to cook when I could just go into the kitchen, clean out the pantry and fridge, and make a home cooked meal that tasted like I dedicated the entire day to preparing it. 

Along with being the founder and owner of The Power Plate, she is the mother of two beautiful sons, Emmanuel & Elijah. She affectionately has nicknamed them her “mini-taste testers.'“

The Power Plate is a ServSafe certified catering and event production company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. If you are interested in having your next big, special event catered by Chakayla’s team, please forward all inquires to