Mama Sunshine's Fire Cider (8oz)

Mama Sunshine's Fire Cider (8oz)

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Mama Sunshine's Fire Cider is an herbal vinegar & honey elixir that promotes a happy, healthy and well-functioning immune system. Fire Cider is an effective (and ancient) remedy that knocks out the cold or flu. This can be used as an immune building elixir or taken when you feel the first signs of sickness coming on. 

Our fire cider can be enjoyed straight in a warm up of tea, as a homemade salad dressing ingredient or a surprising marinade. 

Flavor Profile: Sweet, Spicy, Pungent 

Immune Building Ingredients: onion, garlic, chili pepper, ginger root, an assortment of fresh garden herbs, citrus fruit, organic apple cider vinegar and honey. 

*Fire Cider takes 3-4 weeks to brew. Keep in mind, when you receive your bottle, it will not include the steeping ingredients. It will be a finished, strained product ready-for-use. Product does not need to be refrigerated--store in a cool, dark place like a pantry. You may see some settling, that is normal. Shake well before use.