[Pre-Sale] Mini-Herbal Bouquets
[Pre-Sale] Mini-Herbal Bouquets

[Pre-Sale] Mini-Herbal Bouquets

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We are now shipping and offering local pick-up in Charlotte, North Carolina, for our edible herbal bouquet. Each mini-bouquet will randomly come with 7 of the 8 fresh-cut herbs from The Power Plate garden.  Bouquets will come fresh with a floral water tube, to retain the moisture of the herb stems and the freshness of the leaves. 

Bouquets will be available for pick-up in Charlotte, North Carolina within 1 week. Customers who are purchasing mini-bouquets and opt to have them shipped, all herbs will ship at the end of August [to ensure the summer heat doesn't wilt the herbs].

To ensure the ideal freshness of your mini-bouquet, we suggest choosing Priority Shipping

All mini-bouquets will come fresh-cut with a floral water tube to retain freshness. Each bundle will look similar to the bouquet shown in this product description. 

Herbs can be used fresh in tea, roasted chicken recipes or your favorite herb pasta sauce. If you would prefer to have your herbs dried, remove your floral water tube, tie your herbs with the jute string from your bouquet and hang herbs upside down. Herbs will dry in 1-2 weeks. Once completely dried, store herbs in a container with an air-tight lid. 

Fresh Herbs from The Power Plate Garden 

1. Mint 

2. Lemon balm

3. Basil 

4. Chives

5. Variegated pineapple mint

6. Rosemary

7. Oregano

8. Thyme