Scratch-Made Vanilla Extract [Pre-Sale]
Scratch-Made Vanilla Extract [Pre-Sale]

Scratch-Made Vanilla Extract [Pre-Sale]

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Take your baked and confectionery goods to a whole 'nother level! Use our scratch-made vanilla extract for your favorite recipes for brownies, cakes, pies, cookies and even your favorite latte beverages, for a one-of-a-kind flavor. Tahitian vanilla beans delicately steep in a high-proof alcohol solution to develop a deep, brown sultry extract. Each bottle comes with vanilla bean pods inside the bottle. Allow all vanilla bean pods to stay in tact, for at least the first year, to ensure a yummy extraction.

Shelf Life: Vanilla extract will last indefinitely when stored properly. Extract should be consumed within first five years.  

Tips for Storing Quality Vanilla Extract:

1. Store your vanilla extract in a dark, cool location in your kitchen cabinet. 

2. Ensure there is no moisture inside or outside the bottle. Removing moisture (or condensation) will keep your extract free from mold.

3. Use vanilla within first five years. 

4. Within first twelve months of consumption, remove vanilla bean pods. 

5. Continue to use your vanilla with love. A little ... goes a very long way (flavor wise).

*Note: This is a pre-sale for our scratch-made vanilla extract. Vanilla extract needs between 3-4 weeks to start melding delicious, smooth, full-bodied flavor. For more delicious, silky flavor allow extract to sit for another 1-2 months for the best ideal flavor.